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Musings for the startup ecosystem.

Doug Campbell

Partially Successful Entrepreneur. Unconventional Business Leader. Highly nonlinear career.

About Doug

Dubbed by a colleague as a “parallel entrepreneur,” Doug has an unquenchable thirst for pursuits converging at the intersection of market revolution and advanced technology. Formally trained as an engineer and self-taught as a scrappy, aggressive, and laser-focused entrepreneur with a never-say-die attitude, Doug has firmly established himself among a new breed of anti-hype, no BS entrepreneurs.

Doug’s Endeavors

Doug is currently CEO of Solid Power, an industry leader in next-generation all solid-state batteries for future vehicle electrification. He co-founded the company in 2012 while simultaneously co-founding what eventually became Roccor, an industry leader in providing components into the small satellite industry. He led both companies through 2018, after which he remained Board Chairman Roccor ultimately guiding the company through an acquisition by RedWire Space in late 2020. 

“Two things that bring a lot of businesses down…one is complacency, you get successful and you start to sit on your laurels; and the other is hubris or arrogance, you think that you’re better than everyone else.”

– John Mackey, CEO & Co-Founder, Whole Foods Market

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